Vacationing Together After Divorce? Some Do.

With many divorces, as one might expect, the parties do not wish to see each other ever again. For divorced couples with children, though, it is necessary to communicate on a regular basis. And, going one step further, some ex-spouses get along well enough that they are able to put aside their differences and even vacation together with the kids.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson vacation together with their children every year. Bruce Willis vacations with Demi Moore and their three children and with Moore’s husband Ashton Kutcher. Twelve years after her divorce, online media mogul Arianna Huffington has started vacationing with her children and her ex-husband, Republican Congressman Michael Huffington.

Even for Unmarried Couples, Divorce-Related Issues Arise

Life and relationships are complicated, even to the point where personal issues become part of the legal system. An easy example of this is divorce, which so frequently involves property division, child custody, child support, spousal support, and many other personal issues. Many couples decide not to get married, in part to avoid the potential problems of divorce.

But what is happening more and more as couples live together without marriage, is that when these couples break up, the problems are just as complex and contentious as they are in a professional law firm web design.

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